Large Pet Tray

A home for your big pet’s big bowls. Sturdy enough that they won’t knock it around.

Product Details

Width: 10 in
Length: 19 in
Height: 2 in
Weight: 14.4 lbs

All our products are handmade by humans in our Philadelphia studio. Subtle variations in glaze or shape are part of what makes handmade ceramics wonderful.

Care Instructions

Clean with damp towel and/or magic eraser. Keep stand free of moisture and pat dry whenever stand becomes saturated from sloppy pet spills. Check underneath for spilled water from time to time or place on a water resistant matt to avoid moisture buildup.

Made to Order

Every one of our wares is handmade to order by our Philadelphia studio team. That's what makes each piece so unique and special. Because of this, lead times may vary depending on seasonality or the particular popularity of a given item. To learn more about what to expect when it comes to timing, check out our FAQ page.

Large Pet Tray

Behind The Design

We are pet people here at Felt+Fat. To that end, we thought our furry friends needed bowls as nice as our own! To keep hungry dogs and cats from jostling their bowls, we designed a heavy duty concrete base for them to nest in. In order to further ensure durability, we increased the thickness of the bowls. Choose from monochrome sets or mix-and-match by purchasing a stand and bowls separately!

Handcrafted by real people

With love from the Felt+Fat studio

Every piece that leaves our studio was touched by at least five and up to a dozen individual people before it comes to you. Our diverse team ranges from the self taught to masters level artists and craftspeople who all share a passion for making, we hope it shows.