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Colors, decorations, logos or full, ground-up designs. Our team is located domestically with scalable manufacturing capabilities, making us nimble enough for quick prototyping and big enough to service major markets.

"Their work is practicable, durable, elegant, and unmistakably original.  It is also a major aspect of my home kitchen and put to use on a daily basis."

Chef Matthew Kenney


Felt+Fat standard wares have been developed in direct conversation with professional chefs and focus on simplicity for maximum versatility in the kitchen and dining room.

"The F+F products we use in our restaurant are some of the most durable pieces we’ve ever used in a professional setting. We’re both huge fans of the color palette, their plates and bowls have become an important part of the table design aesthetic at Don Angie!"

Chefs Angie Rito + Scott Tacinelli of Don Angie

Built to Last a Lifetime

High-fired porcelain with durable glazes and a 10 year track record of use in high-volume professional kitchens.


We thrive on creative collaboration, whether with chefs, designers or anyone else with a passion for ceramics.

"Felt+Fat's work has a quiet confidence to it. It grounds the composition whilst allowing the ingredients on the plate to be the star."

Chris Willis of Pammy's, Cambridge

Get In Touch

Email madison@feltandfat.com to learn more!