We Make Everything
From the Ground Up

That means developing our own clay and glaze recipes, sourcing domestic raw materials, and then turning those materials into clay, slip and glaze for production.

How a piece is formed depends on the design. A piece may be slip-cast, pressed, jiggered and even handbuilt or thrown on the wheel. Every piece is hand-trimmed, wiped and then bisque fired to 1855 F.

It’s given a chance to cool before being dipped in glaze or spray glazed and then fired again to about 2380 F to set the glaze. Before we ship out, pieces are inspected for quality control and their bases are sanded to prevent any scratches on your table. They are shipped with hand-written notes using 100% recyclable packaging.

Felt+Fat products
are made by people

Some of them studied and trained in fine art and have a masters degree in ceramics. For some of them, this job was their first time touching clay. 

Our team includes people who identify across the spectrum of gender identity, people who were formerly incarcerated, people who have kids and grandkids, people in recovery, a pastor, more than one former line cook, gamers, passionate pet parents and even one or two talented musicians.

Every ceramic object that leaves our studio was touched by at least five and up to a dozen of these individual people before it comes to you. Because our products are made by people, small variations in glaze and surface are something we embrace and we hope you do too.

Materials Matter

All of our products are made from a domestically sourced mix of virgin and recycled porcelain clay. They are finished with high quality, durable glazes that are formulated and mixed in-house, 100% free from lead and other harmful materials.

Set the mood.

The Perfect Pairing

Whether you're an entertainer or just starting your collection — we've got you covered. Remove all the guesswork with our perfectly-paired sets.