The Dinner Party: 30 Piece Set in Azul


Perfect for the host with the absolute most - this set has literally everything. Whether you’re planning your most elaborate event or getting ready for a cozy night in with your best friends, you’ll be prepared for it all with our 30 piece set. 

The set includes: 4 Coffee Mugs, 4 Dessert Bowls, 4 Soup Bowls, 4 Entree Bowls, 4 Snack Plates, 4 Everyday Plates, 4 Dinner Plates, 1 Share Bowl, and 1 Serving Tray.


Product Details

Weight: 38.2

All our products are handmade by humans in our Philadelphia studio. Subtle variations in glaze or shape are part of what makes handmade ceramics wonderful.

Care Instructions
  • Microwave + dishwasher safe
  • Food safe + durable
  • 100% free of lead and other heavy metals
Made to Order

Every one of our wares is handmade to order by our Philadelphia studio team. That's what makes each piece so unique and special. Because of this, lead times may vary depending on seasonality or the particular popularity of a given item. To learn more about what to expect when it comes to timing, check out our FAQ page.

The Dinner Party: 30 Piece Set in Azul

Behind The Design

In putting together our sets we wanted to focus on versatility above all. Choose yours based on your particular lifestyle: from studio apartment dweller with little time for guests to full blown daily entertainer. The sets take care of your baseline, though we suggest accessorizing with a few serving pieces and other sundry items to round out these curated groupings. Looking to get more eclectic with your colors? Build your own set with our bundles while receiving a similar discount!

Handcrafted by real people

With love from the Felt+Fat studio

Every piece that leaves our studio was touched by at least five and up to a dozen individual people before it comes to you. Our diverse team ranges from the self taught to masters level artists and craftspeople who all share a passion for making, we hope it shows.