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Cappuccino Set : Autumnal


We’ve combined a pair of our favorite mini-mugs with an appropriately sized carafe and sugar bowl to encourage communal cups of sustenance! Split a french press, whip up a couple of frothy espresso drinks or steep some tea with a loved one! This sweet set is a perfect catalyst for communal experience.

  • 15% off when compared to purchasing items one-by-one.

  • All wares are both microwave and dishwasher safe!


Autumnal (Pigeon / Periwinkle / Canopy)

2x Cappuccino Cup

Dims: 2.25”D x 3”H // Capacity: 8oz

1x Small Creamer

Dims: 2.75”D x 2.13”H // Capacity: 4oz

1x Ramekin Nesting Bowl (Tiny)

Dims: 2.5”D x 1”H // Capacity: 2oz

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