Coffee Mug in Honeydew

Featured in the spring of this year as a limited-edition finish, Honeydew is a semi-matte shade of a light green with subtle yellow undertones. Inspired by the shade of a perfectly ripe Honeydew.

These mugs are a small overrun from a custom hospitality order.

Very Limited Quantity (10)

Product Details

Width: 5 in
Height: 3.75 in
Diameter: 3.25 in
Volume: 12 fl oz
Weight: 0.8 lbs

All our products are handmade by humans in our Philadelphia studio. Subtle variations in glaze or shape are part of what makes handmade ceramics wonderful.

Ready to Ship

Unlike our standard wares that are made to order, products from the archives are ready to ship! Eliminating production lead times means handmade ceramics on your doorstep faster than ever before.

If bundled with standard wares at checkout, archive products will ship when entire order is ready to ship. We do not ship archive products separately.

Straight from the Archives

What’s in the Archive? In short: a great mix of things. New products in development, color experiments, overruns of special projects, plus a slew of hard to categorize objects made in the F+F studio.

Handcrafted by real people

With love from the Felt+Fat studio

Every piece that leaves our studio was touched by at least five and up to a dozen individual people before it comes to you. Our diverse team ranges from the self taught to masters level artists and craftspeople who all share a passion for making, we hope it shows.