Felt+Fat Goes to Venice!

For our exhibition at 'Food Design Week' in Venice, we decided to think about excess through the idea of material waste. In our studio we are always working on new ideas and testing colors in clay. Unfortunately, we often make test batches of clay that go unused. After months of atrophy the liquid clay, or 'slip' as it is technically referred to, will often separate into a thick, lumpy clay and a thin layer of water. We dredged out the thick portion at the bottom of our buckets and - through a lot of trial and error - found that we could press-mold it into various forms from our production line. We decided to leave the work raw for the most part, with a simple glossy glaze lining the interior of certain pieces. The resulting wares turned our usually sleek, clean designs into forms that resemble crumbling architecture in bold solid colors reminiscent of historical Venetian pottery.

This work will be on display through the first week of February at the Palazzo Michiel in Venice, where we will also be contributing wares for a dinner with Anna Keville Joyce on the weekend of February 1st.

A Winter Reprieve

Felt+Fat is excited to announce that in 2018, we will be focusing on producing six unique and utilitarian sets for a range of needs, to be released throughout the year.


Our first set is filled with everything you need in a moment of liquid reprieve from the day. We've produced both a small and large version for either taking a break by yourself or for sharing this time with a friend. The wares are glazed in a limited edition and blizzard-inspired "Whiteout" glaze, featuring a matte surface mottled with glossy accents reminiscent of snowy winter days.


Feel free to fill your cups with coffee, tea, hot chocolate or whatever else helps keep the chill away.


Click here to take a look at our sets in the Felt+Fat online shop.

Mystery Assortment: The Bakers Dozen


Mystery Assortment:

The Bakers Dozen


We've had such an amazing response to our mystery assortments this month that we decided to give one more option to those of you looking for a really special gift: The Bakers Dozen! This enormous assortment contains thirteen different items, anything from has serving bowls and plates to cappuccino cups and planters!


If you were waiting til the last minute to place your holiday orders, this is it! The mystery assortments end on Sunday 12.10 and won't be back until next Holiday season. 


Happy Shopping!


Mystery Monday


Mystery Monday

A Holiday Treat


Bummed out because you couldn't make it to our Seconds Sale at Canal Street this past weekend? Well, you're in luck: Announcing the Felt+Fat Mystery Assortment Sale!


Now, through late December (or til they're sold out) visit our webshop for three different seized sets of seconds!


Each box is discounted from 40-60% off and filled with hand-picked items of various shape and finish. Each item exhibits some variation from our standard norms, be it a wonky lip or a spot of discolored glaze but all are 100% functional! This is a rare chance for some heavily discounted Felt+Fat treats!


Supplies are limited so shop the mystery while you can! 

Small Saturday Seconds Sale


Shop Small Saturday

Seconds Sale @ Canal Street Market


Please join us Saturday 11.25 for what will be our largest 'seconds' sale ever all day at Canal Street Market: 265 Canal Street in Manhattan, New York. Enjoy discounts from 20-50% off on a wide variety of wares, including one-offs and items not yet available online.


While you're Holiday shopping, enjoy complimentary refreshments and have a look at fantastic handmade jewelry and accessories from our Philly friends Forge&Finish; they'll be offering discounted pieces in our shared booth throughout the day.


We can't wait to see you in NYC!

Felt+Fat x John Souter @ Canal St. Market!


Felt+Fat x John Souter

Terminals @ Canal Street Market


We are excited to announce the launch of our latest collaborative project; 'Terminals', an exhibition with artist John Souter. The show opens this Friday 11.10 in the Canal Street Market Artist's Portal and runs through the end of November, 2017.


John's work brings us back to our fine arts roots as he explores familiar Felt+Fat designs in an entirely different light, focusing on texture and form while removing any semblance of original function.


This collaboration is many months in the making and we can't wait to let you see it! Closing party on 11.29, details to follow...  


F+F + F&F

An early Holiday Popup



While you're checking out this latest collaborative series, come check out our popup shop with Philly friends Forge&Finish! We'll be at Canal Street throughout the month selling standards and special additions (Funfetti anyone?) Don't miss your chance to take advantage of free shipping on custom orders made through the popup!


~ See you there ~

A Conversation with Cappellini


A Conversation with Cappellini




Join us as we help DesignPhilly wrap up a week of programming at Millésimé in Old City, Philadelphia. The discussion features our own Nate Mell along with Italian designer Giulio Cappelini, executive editor of SurfaceMag William Hanley and local designer Jeff Rubio.


The talk begins at 6pm and bleeds over into the closing reception for this dynamic week of design.


See you then!


JSXFF cup with base 1 mediumcopy.jpg


For our latest collaboration Felt and Fat has teamed up with renowned ceramic artist and Philly local, John Souter.

Felt+Fat has wanted to collaborate with John Souter for quite a while.  Known for his wild exploration of form, surface and color within ceramics, John is a master of the materiality of clay.  Through a series of conversations and explorations done during studio visits as well as the use of Felt+Fat's forms, John has worked his muddy magic and developed some truly astonishing work!





Please join us Thursday, September 28th at Fjord to see and enjoy this colab along with great local food and drink.

JSXFF side table 2 mediumcopy.jpg

FF x Field


FF x Field // A Prototype Pop-Up!

This spring we've taken our knack for clean design and playful colors and focused it beyond tableware.  Starting June 2nd, Felt+Fat is letting you in on our process to give a preview of things to come by showcasing a range of planter prototypes fresh from our kilns. These pieces represent an exploration into what will eventually become new standard Felt+Fat planters.


We've partnered with our friend Erin from ShopField to help us showcase these new works with her unique plant styling prowess. She's paired each planter with a beautiful photosynthesizing friend for you to take home. This pop-up is sure to be our greenest yet!


Check them out at Meadowsweet Mercantile (47 N. 2nd St., 19106) during the whole month of June!