February Wrap Up

Glaze Lab // Feb 2019


Intending to create a vessel - our plan was for an espresso cup - for this release of Glaze Lab, our attention started to wander to alternative forms. Here at Felt+Fat we not only love to experiment with surface and color, but also explore the history of ceramic forms to develop new interpretations.

This month's glaze lab release is modeled after a chawan, the traditional drinking vessel used in tea ceremonies. We love the complex systems of etiquette, tools and gestures that are practiced in a tea ceremony, as well as the reverence for ceramic vessels inherent in this beautiful cultural tradition.  While our version is in no way "traditional", we think it holds up. X2E4COX4MKCR △6 0219



We spent the first week of our February escaping the bitter Philadelphia cold to talk to old friends, check out new trends and soak up the sun in Miami. The more we traveled, the more we felt eerily at home. We don't know who has been channeling who, but it was a pleasant surprise to see so much of our pastel color palette adorning the wonderful Art Deco facades of downtown Miami.