January Wrap Up


Glaze Lab // Jan 2019

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Glaze Lab, our monthly ceramic subscription service, deployed its first release this month.

If you follow us on social media, then you know that we love to experiment.  We often collaborate with chefs and organizations to create one-of-a-kind wares that aren't available on our website. Glaze Lab was started because we wanted to have an outlet to share the more experimental side of Felt+Fat.


January's Glaze Lab is the result of work we began last Summer in layering pours of standard and experimental glazes. This 8" Share Plate has one base glaze and three pours.


If you look closely at this plate you’ll see something else - a key code.  We have our own internal indexing system for tracking each glaze and wanted to let each subscriber know what went in to their finished ware in a tangible way. So, we created a 3D stamp in-house to imprint the glaze index directly into the plate.  


Cryptic? Slightly. Felt+Fat? Absolutely.

F+F x Nightshade LA

This past Winter, we had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with 2014 Eater Young Gun and Top Chef season 12 winner, Mei Lin. The former sous chef of Ink in LA is bringing her unique Asian-inspired dishes to Nightshade, her new Arts District restaurant.

Along with a variety of standard pieces, Mei requested a small run of tea-pots. Turnaround was tight on this project so we didn't have the ability to prototype and make molds for an entirely new product, but we did have time to try something fun: an amalgamation.


Our 12oz teapots for Nightshade are a combination of an altered coffee cup body with a cappuccino cup handle, attached low, and another small spout attachment from a miscellaneous mold made in 2016. The mahogany and cork lid was conceived with and executed by expert Philadelphia wood-turner Suzanne Kahn, of Dovetail Woodarts. The resulting object is something utterly unique to Mei Lin and Nightshade LA, and a product we absolutely love: the Amalgam Teapot. 

Enjoy these one-of-a-kind Felt+Fat wares when you visit Nightshade LA