Felt+Fat Goes to Venice!

For our exhibition at 'Food Design Week' in Venice, we decided to think about excess through the idea of material waste. In our studio we are always working on new ideas and testing colors in clay. Unfortunately, we often make test batches of clay that go unused. After months of atrophy the liquid clay, or 'slip' as it is technically referred to, will often separate into a thick, lumpy clay and a thin layer of water. We dredged out the thick portion at the bottom of our buckets and - through a lot of trial and error - found that we could press-mold it into various forms from our production line. We decided to leave the work raw for the most part, with a simple glossy glaze lining the interior of certain pieces. The resulting wares turned our usually sleek, clean designs into forms that resemble crumbling architecture in bold solid colors reminiscent of historical Venetian pottery.

This work will be on display through the first week of February at the Palazzo Michiel in Venice, where we will also be contributing wares for a dinner with Anna Keville Joyce on the weekend of February 1st.