June Wrap Up






With the heat of Summer pouring into Philadelphia, our June GlazeLab shares our exasperation at this hellish weather that encourages perspiration.  Glaze XZMKMTL △6 0619 has run down the body of our cappuccino body to form drips that act as the cups feet.  Each June edition has slightly different footing as each application of the glaze ran differently.


May Wrap Up


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Three little words we learned in elementary school inspired our use of reclaimed materials in the creation of this 6" Plate for May's GlazeLab edition.  A few weeks ago we dredged up some dried out tinted porcelain slip from the bottoms of buckets. Rather than dispose of the material we dried it further, crushed it down and pressed it into sheets of clay. The result is this hump-molded 6” plate with a whole lot of character. 

Put all of it together and you get XRSG4T4P1GL1 △6 0519


April Wrap Up



Our April edition of Glaze Lab may be channeling our urge to take advantage of the good Spring weather, get out of town and go camping. A dry, stubbly organic surface takes hold of our medium nesting bowl to create a unique combination of textures, like something future archeologists might encounter if our wares were unearthed after being buried for centuries of earthly repose.

You can think of it as X2ECLRTOKR △6 419



Mystery Boxes

WOW! This one-in-a-blue-moon sale made us realize just how popular our Mystery Boxes have become. While our studio feels less cluttered and more organized, we sure do miss looking through our perfectly functional, but slightly offbeat seconds, experiments and one-offs. Hopefully, we'll be able to bring them back next year.


March Wrap Up


Game, Set, Matte


For the March edition of Glaze Lab, we wanted to share with subscribers our joy in overcoming a tough challenge in surface creation: matte. The majority of our wares come in a satin or glossy finish, but for the past six months we've been experimenting to produce an ultra-matte finish with a flatter appearance and grittier surface texture. 


After many tests (many ugly, flaking, gnarly tests) we created this ultra-matte in a coral-blush using a tinted, atomized engobe. Applied to the surface of our standard bud vase and lined with a clear gloss glaze, we think it is something special.


X2E46030 △6 0319

(handwritten on the bottom this time)


F+F in Vogue

"This bright, snug space is meant to fulfill many needs, whether that’s a casual meal, a late-night dance party, or a healthy brunch. On the weekends, the restaurant plays host to the New York satellite of Season, the all-day cafe in Paris that’s a favorite during fashion week...
At Short Stories, the Acai Bowl and Green Pancakes that [Cathy Closier's] French patrons have come to love are served on the same pink Felt+Fat ceramics she otherwise imports to the City of Light..."

Honeydew Release

We are so appreciative of the warm response we received at the Architectural Digest Design Show and from our social media followers during the release of Honeydew this month. If you haven't had a chance to check it out, visit our website where you can see each of our wares in Honeydew.


F+F @ NINObrand

Our buddies at NINObrand in Philly were kind enough to host us for a pop-up this past month and boy did we enjoy meeting and chatting with old friends and new!

It's always great to feel the local love by doing a pop-up in Philly and by the turnout we received, you can be sure we're looking forward to our next opportunity to do so.


F+F @ AD Design Show

Talk about a busy month!

On top of everything else, we hunkered down for a weekend at the AD Design Show to show off to visitors our new colorway, experimental finishes and forms, as well as classic Felt+Fat wares in a full range of glazes.

February Wrap Up

Glaze Lab // Feb 2019


Intending to create a vessel - our plan was for an espresso cup - for this release of Glaze Lab, our attention started to wander to alternative forms. Here at Felt+Fat we not only love to experiment with surface and color, but also explore the history of ceramic forms to develop new interpretations.

This month's glaze lab release is modeled after a chawan, the traditional drinking vessel used in tea ceremonies. We love the complex systems of etiquette, tools and gestures that are practiced in a tea ceremony, as well as the reverence for ceramic vessels inherent in this beautiful cultural tradition.  While our version is in no way "traditional", we think it holds up. X2E4COX4MKCR △6 0219



We spent the first week of our February escaping the bitter Philadelphia cold to talk to old friends, check out new trends and soak up the sun in Miami. The more we traveled, the more we felt eerily at home. We don't know who has been channeling who, but it was a pleasant surprise to see so much of our pastel color palette adorning the wonderful Art Deco facades of downtown Miami.

January Wrap Up


Glaze Lab // Jan 2019

X1LC1C1SL1H1PE △6 0119.

Glaze Lab, our monthly ceramic subscription service, deployed its first release this month.

If you follow us on social media, then you know that we love to experiment.  We often collaborate with chefs and organizations to create one-of-a-kind wares that aren't available on our website. Glaze Lab was started because we wanted to have an outlet to share the more experimental side of Felt+Fat.


January's Glaze Lab is the result of work we began last Summer in layering pours of standard and experimental glazes. This 8" Share Plate has one base glaze and three pours.


If you look closely at this plate you’ll see something else - a key code.  We have our own internal indexing system for tracking each glaze and wanted to let each subscriber know what went in to their finished ware in a tangible way. So, we created a 3D stamp in-house to imprint the glaze index directly into the plate.  


Cryptic? Slightly. Felt+Fat? Absolutely.

F+F x Nightshade LA

This past Winter, we had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with 2014 Eater Young Gun and Top Chef season 12 winner, Mei Lin. The former sous chef of Ink in LA is bringing her unique Asian-inspired dishes to Nightshade, her new Arts District restaurant.

Along with a variety of standard pieces, Mei requested a small run of tea-pots. Turnaround was tight on this project so we didn't have the ability to prototype and make molds for an entirely new product, but we did have time to try something fun: an amalgamation.


Our 12oz teapots for Nightshade are a combination of an altered coffee cup body with a cappuccino cup handle, attached low, and another small spout attachment from a miscellaneous mold made in 2016. The mahogany and cork lid was conceived with and executed by expert Philadelphia wood-turner Suzanne Kahn, of Dovetail Woodarts. The resulting object is something utterly unique to Mei Lin and Nightshade LA, and a product we absolutely love: the Amalgam Teapot. 

Enjoy these one-of-a-kind Felt+Fat wares when you visit Nightshade LA

** Winter Mix **

Shifting Seasons

With the holidays slowly coming to a close there can be no doubt that Winter is upon us once again. Cozy sweaters, warming fires and good meals with good company always help to enliven this season.

That also means that our 'Winter Mix' colors have arrived! Claret, Slate and Taupe are now available in mixed and monochrome sets.

Fall Mix!

As summer begins to fade so do the colors around us. The bright sunny days turn to misty autumn mornings, warm friendly waters turn to cold churning seas while all the leaves darken on the branch.

Simple_Dining_Set-Fall Colors.jpg
Full_Dining_Set-Fall Colors.jpg

Of course that too means that our fall colors have arrived! Canopy, Pigeon and Periwinkle are now available in mixed and monochrome sets. So, before you break out your favorite autumnal recipes, make sure you have something fresh to serve them on!

Our Bud Vase in Architectural Digest


"Summer's Hottest Home Trend Is Spot On:
Paint-spatter prints in candy-colored hues make their mark"



Yesterday our Bud Vase in Confetti was featured in Architectural Digest Magazine as being on trend for this season of splatter!


To celebrate, we've updated our seasonal shop with this wonderful little vase that adds a perfect splash of fun to any room and is perfect for displaying a small bunch of flowers or a single stem.

Summer Sets!



Is there anything more beautiful than a well-set table?

ready for a culinary adventure? We don't think so.


To help make your table the best it can be for this summer season, Felt+Fat is excited to offer a variety of sets in our summer

color-ways. Blue waters, bright sun and the perfect white sand beach inspired our selection of Sky, SunGold and Satin for the season.


F+F @ NextLevel

NextLevelRegif 2.gif



A designer-led ephemeral gallery during NYCxDesign.

May 16 - 23 from 11 - 7pm

@ 718 Broadway, NY, NY 10003



Asher Israelow Studio, Eskayel, Hart, Here Projects, Patrick Weder Design



Andrea Claire Studio, Avo, Bianco Light and Space, Dorian Goldman, Felt + Fat, Fort Standard, Ghost Curatorial, Huy Bui, Kin & Company, Nita, Token



Tuesday, May 15th, 7-10pm



This past winter we were lucky enough to be visited by a bunch of new friends from The Center for Creative Works.  Using our unglazed plates, tumblers, trays and bowls as their canvases, these terrific artists painted wonderful imagery of landscapes, portraits, favorite animals, flowers, some colorful abstractions and so much more!  All these works are set to be auctioned off at the Out the Door: Art Party and Auction on Thursday, May 24th from 5:30p-10p.


The Center for Creative Works is a unique work environment with a goal of developing creative work potential and cultural identity for people with intellectual disabilities.

Creative Works combines supported studio art development with work opportunities-including supported employment options – and community programming. Participants learn and work in drawing and painting, printmaking, ceramics, woodworking, sculpture, textiles, design, music and other media. A staff of mentor artists teach professional materials and techniques, with the goal of developing participants as artists, artisans, and designers. We foster individual expression and skill development, promoting our artists’ work through public exhibitions, art fairs, and other events in the community.