Eva Zar on their photoshoot with Felt+Fat

We just wrapped our Spring editorial shoot with Eva Zar, an NYC based photographer who specializes in beauty and fashion. Our vision for this series was to highlight our neutral plates and bowls, adhesion vases and newly about-to-launch Dappled series in a refreshing way. Working with Eva was a breeze, and she brought an element of femininity to our looks that left us inspired for the whole season ahead. That’s why we wanted to sit down with her more and learn.

Q: Eva, you’re mysterious online and tell your story mostly through your work. We love that but want to know more - what’s your brief background and how did you get into photography?

My family is originally from Dagestan, Russia but after the Fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 my parents immigrated to Vienna, Austria. A big part of my family, including my grandparents, immigrated to Israel. So I spent most of my childhood and teen years here and there before moving to New York City five years ago. At times, I definitely still feel like a third culture kid and it’s also something that inspired me to become a photographer. Photography (art in general) only speaks one language and lets you connect with so many people from all over without barriers- I think it’s a feeling that I missed in my childhood, connecting to a community that gives you a sense of belonging and I’m lucky I’ve found it.

Q: What was your direction for this Felt + Fat series?

Talking about art, I think of the Felt + Fat tableware - whether that’s a vase, a cup or a bowl - as a little artwork. Each piece is handmade and unique and so we tried to keep this one very playful, weird and a bit more glamorous than the usual tableware campaigns you see out there. It’s about the way Sara’s body interacts with the pieces, just a bit more artistic and fun.

Q: Who’s the model and how do you know her? Also who was the amazing stylist and make-up artist on this shoot? These outfits are perfectly paired with our pottery!

Our model was the stunning Sara from Offshore Agency, a New York based agency that emphasizes personal style, self awareness and strength of character. For styling we hired Jess Monterde, who is one of my favorite stylists to collaborate with. And for make-up we had the wonderful opportunity to work with Maya Rene, who’s work I’ve been admiring. She and I started working together this year. It’s been a blast to work with these women, each one of them is an inspiration and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Q: What were your favorite ceramic pieces to work with or shoot in this series?

Ok, this is kind of a tricky question, because I don’t like playing favorites, they’re all special but if I had to pick I’d say the Adhesion textured vases and cups were it. The texture is just so fun to touch and play with, plus it’s so photogenic. They are like tableware ASMR to me.

Q: What are you really artistically inspired by this season?

Honestly, I’m always inspired by just living in New York City. Some of my friends like to make fun of my naive love for this city which, I acknowledge, isn’t always justified, since the city can be trying sometimes. Right now, with so many vaccinated people, local stores and cafes are opening back up, you can feel the city glowing and it’s truly exciting. It’s spring, it’s warm, it’s sunny, flowers are blooming, there are more sunsets to watch - I like to appreciate and get inspired by the simple pleasures in life.

May 18, 2021 — Lucid Team