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FELT+FAT is a collaborative design and manufacturing studio based in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Team

The Felt+Fat Team


Nate Mell, Owner

Nate wears a lot of hats, from product design and brand development to collaborative relationships and kiln maintenance. He even gets his hands into production from time-to-time. Nate works daily with the team to envision where Felt + Fat is going and how to invite the best people to come along. 

His personal practice at this point is simply Felt+Fat. In the past, Nate's work was quite different and focused on exploring personal / social narratives through mixed media installations.

Q: Cat Person or Dog Person?

A: I grew up having cats. My first pet was a small stray black kitten who I named Midnight - I think I was about 5. My family had a couple more cats as a grew up: Troy and later Steve who was with us from 2001 to earlier this year (he lived a good long life). I always wanted a dog and got one 3 years ago. Rufus is a brown Labradoodle who you may see pop up on our Instagram from time to time. So, it’s a bit of a long-winded answer, but while I have a long history of being a cat-man, currently I am more of a dog person.



Alex Conner, Managing Partner

Alex oversees business development at Felt+Fat, as well as the recent expansion of direct-to-customer retail sales through the online shop.  Being a nerd who likes paperwork, he also handles typing up reports and any HR-esque tasks.  

Alex is also an Artist working in installation and sculpture, with a background in ceramics.  He heads up the group Philly Stewards, Philadelphia's first group dedicated to the collection, support and promotion of Philadelphia Art and Artists. 

Q: If you sidled up to the bar in Heaven, what drink would you order?

A: A Rye Sazerac with a dusting of Angel Wing.


Joel Evey, Managing Partner

Joel Evey is a Philadelphia-based Designer, Curator and Thinker-at-Large. He is the Creative Director of Lighht, his own design firm, which focuses on industrial elegance at the intersection of functionality and emergent aesthetics. His previous design clients include Nike, Levi’s, Bloomberg Businessweek, TBWA Chiat Day (Apple), KARA Store, California Institute of the Arts, Modular Records UK, Anna Lunoe, Sixpack France, Blood is the New Black, Redcat Theater.


Q: What is your favorite fact about pigeons?

A: The fact that an adult Pigeon can have a level of intelligence comparable to that of a three year old child.

Emily Daley, Materials Manager

Emily is the premier glazer in our studio.  She's got prodigious talent using a spray gun and is a master ceramics dipper.  Emily also helps in regular production when there is nothing to glaze.

Emily is a member of This Many Boyfriends Club where she is an interdisciplinary artist who focuses in ceramics and glass. She is inspired by candy and fluff.


Q: Have you ever broken any bones?

A: No.