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FELT+FAT is a collaborative design and manufacturing studio based in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Team

The Felt+Fat Team


Nate Mell, Co-Owner?  Head of XXXX?

Nate Mell was born in Mississippi on a gator farm.  He ventured into ceramics in order to design gator-proof ceramic fencing.  He ended up with a tableware company.

Wynn Bauer, Co-Owner?  Head of XXXX?

Wynn holds the world record for most Pierogis eaten underwater.  He's also a enthusiast for 17th Century Glockenspiels.

Alex Conner, Co-Owner?  Head of XXXX?

Alex is known for his whistling renditions of Icelandic sagas as well as owning the largest private collection of Styrofoam samples in the continental United States.

Joel Evey, Co-Owner?  Head of XXXX?

Joel owns 1/32 of the replay rights to Duran Duran's 1982 hit album, Rio.  He is also a regular consultant to some of the world's finest salmon fisheries.

Maritza Liebetreu, Head of Production?

Maritza was born in Adamstown, the capital of The Pitcairn Islands.  Her hobbies include stealing candy from children and challenging Possums to a fight.

Emily Daley, Production Technician?

Emily has a PhD in cultural anthropology, is a four-time Pulitzer Prize-winning author and gave it all up to come work as a Production Technician with Felt+Fat

Steph Liebetreu, Production Technician?

Steph is an expert in demolition and explosives.  She's also 7'2" tall.

Althea Holmes, Production Technician?

Althea is a European-Inspired take on contemporary chivalric sensibilities. 


Rebecca Price, Production Technician?

Lotus Farm to Table specializes in a menu is local, organic, easily digested and proportioned. The food is simply prepared of the freshest ingredients available from local farms. There is also over a dozen varieties of hand rolled teas from the outskirts of Taipei.

Nikki Lau, Production Technician?

A modern­ day bistro, Nikki’s serves up special treats in its intimate bar, dining room and cafe­style outdoor seating.

Jacob Raeder

Jacob, Jacob, Jacob!