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FELT+FAT is a collaborative design and manufacturing studio based in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

F+F Journal

FFxFF 01 : Meet Maritza

Nathaniel Mell

Who makes up Felt+Fat? While the face of the studio has consistently been that of our founders; Nate Mell and Wynn Bauer, the heart of our operation consists of the talented artists who's hands create the work that goes out into the world. In order for you to better get to know Felt+Fat, we want to introduce you to our family. First up, our original employee and now production coordinator, Maritza Liebtereu.


Full Name: Maritza Veronica Liebetreu

Sign: Aries

Started at F+F: January 2015

Favorite Studio Music: Momus

How did you come to work at F+F?

M: Before F+F I was living in Atlanta, studying at Georgia State University. During my time at GSU I took a wheel throwing course and fell completely in love with ceramics. Slowly I began to make ceramics a part of my life by any means I could. I started following F+F on Instagram, commenting when I felt particularly inspired. Nate took note of my comments and reached out to me, offering an internship at the company. I dropped everything and came to Philly, and here I've stayed.

What Inspired your collaborative pieces for our FFxFF series?

M: All of my time spent in the studio itself and the smoke breaks I take throughout the day influenced my work for this series. There are so many windows inviting views into the vast blue sky, countless hours spent feeling porcelain in my paws, precious golden moments of peace. Smoke breaks provide a time to reflect, to restore balance if only for an instant. I wanted to make a perfect set to accompany a perfect ritual. A drink, a smoke, and a sigh.

What do you do when you're not in the studio?

M: Between working full time and creating the cutest shit you ever did see for This Many Boyfriends Club, I'm always in the studio. Sometimes I play bass.