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FELT+FAT is a collaborative design and manufacturing studio based in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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FFxFF 02 : Emily!

Nathaniel Mell

Our second release for March's FFxFF colab is by Emily Daley, Production Technician, Old Soul and Questioner Extraordinaire, who brings us two mugs that are ready for Spring!  Their large capacity (16oz!) is offset by their light and airy surfaces, accented with bands of gold luster.  We are constantly excited and inspired by what Emily is producing, and are proud to have her as a member of our team!



Full name: Emily Marilyn Daley

Sign: Virgo

Favorite Meme Format: Evil Kermit


How did you come to work at F+F?

E: Post-college I was really hoping to snag a job in my field because catering sucks, I don't like working with people, and I spent all this time and money honing my skills resulting in my Ceramics/Glass degree. I vaguely knew Nate from school as we were both in the Glass program at Tyler School of Art, though he graduated a few years before me. Knowing he had a growing, successful ceramics business, I reached out to him.


What inspired your collaborative pieces for our FFxFF series?

E: Considering the current political climate, I wanted to make work that would facilitate a more fun, whimsical, and relaxing beverage consumption experience. For a moment that can, in a sense, take you away from the present and to a place that is soft, pink, and inviting. The studio we slave away in daily (I love my job) is walled with enormous windows that often display beautiful cotton candy sunsets which relaxed and soothed me during work hours. I wanted to convey this feeling in my collaboration. 


What do you do when you're not in the studio?

E: I spend a great deal of my free time in the studio, working on our independent artist collective group, This Many Boyfriends Club (@thismanyboyfriendsclub). Otherwise, I love dancing and cartoons (both of which I bring to the studio anyway).